My husband and I, and our much-loved dogs, a young border collie and a very young border collie X kelpie, live in Perth, Western Australia. We moved here a few years ago after spending 4 years in Jabiru in the Northern Territory. Jabiru is a small town in Kakadu National Park approximately 250km east of Darwin

Prior to living in Jabiru we lived in Salt Lake City, where I worked as a web application developer, programming in ColdFusion. Salt lake is a beautiful city, but the winters aren't very pleasant if you don't like the cold, white stuff. Jabiru, with it's 2 seasons (hot and dry or hot and wet) was quite a change!

Here in the northern suburbs of Perth we're building our own little sanctury in suburbia. We've covered much of the lawn with native plants and mulch. We're hoping that birds will be attracted to our waterwise garden. We also have a thriving veggie garden that's keeping us well supplied with veggies like tomatoes, bok choy, silverbeet, broad beans, sweet corn and a variety of chilli's and herbs.

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