Home to Corindi Day 1 – Home-York

The morning was a long one. Loading the truck took several hours.  We spent the first few sitting outside in the heat, then as soon as the front of the house was empty we moved inside where it was much cooler. It was still a couple more hours before the truck left with our 70 sq metres of belongings squeezed in. The driver had said at the start of the day that it would be a tight fit (he even asked us whether there was anything we’d leave if it wouldn’t all fit) but in the end they got it all in. These guys were pretty experienced at fitting furniture puzzles together. As were the packing crew yesterday.

Once the truck had gone we just had to fit everything we were taking with us into the car, then we were on our way.

Our first night was spent just an hour and a half away in the town of York. We stayed in a little old stone cottage that was quiet and peaceful, which was exactly what we needed after 2 very stressful days for all of us. The doggos thought the yard was wonderful, with all of the new and unfamiliar smells. They burned up lots of pent up energy in preparation for their longest ever car ride tomorrow.

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