Home to Corindi Day 3 – Norseman-Border Village Roadhouse

I really don’t know why anyone would live in a place like Norseman. I can’t imagine anyone ever saying they enjoyed living there.

We made an even earlier start today, we were on the road at 6am. I didn’t sleep well, it was too warm and Jet was pretty restless. She couldn’t find a comfortable place to sleep. And it’s definitely better to make an early start when the days are so hot.

Leaving Norseman

Today is Christmas day and we celebrated by crossing the Western Australian section of the Nullarbor Plain. The scenery was incredibly beautiful. The section of the Eyre Highway between Balladonia and Caiguna includes the longest straight stretch of road in Australia and one of the longest in the world. The straight road (146km long) is signposted and commonly known as the “90 Mile Straight”.

We saw lots of signs warning us of stray animals such as cattle, roos, and emu, but the only wildlife we saw was a monitor about 40cm long. There was hardly even any road kill. There were also a few signs indicating that we were approaching a section of road that was used as an emergency airstrip by the Royal Flying Doctor Service.

Unfortunately (and unexpectedly), due to it being Christmas Day, none of the kitchens were open in the roadhouses along the way after Balladonia. And it was still way too early to eat lunch when we stopped there (and we didn’t know none of the others would be open) , so we only had the nibbles that we had with us for Christmas lunch. We could have at least bought some sandwiches if we’d realised.

Once again we only made the necessary couple of stops for the dogs. Temperatures we up in the high 30s, and there were warning signs in a lot of places about widespread use of 1080 baits. The dogs were happy in the car, so there was no point getting them out more than they needed.

Anzac happy in the car

We had expected to have to present our South Australia Cross-border travellers registrations at the border but we didn’t even have to stop. The Border Village Roadhouse is our home for tonight. It’s right beside the border checkpoint. Our cabin here is really nice. Much more spacious and comfortable than last night’s. The roadhouse’s restaurant is closed, but the managers were happy to make toasties and they had a yummy, freshly made, quiche in the fridge, so while we didn’t have (or want, after the long drive) a Christmas dinner, we did get something freshly made to eat.

Once again the caravan park is very quiet, which is great for the dogs. There’s plenty of room here and they’ve been able to have a few good stretch-and-sniffs. They even got to sniff Rooey II, the big kangaroo.

Rooey II The big kangaroo
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