Home to Corindi Day 4 – Border Village Roadhouse-Ceduna

Our drive today was a shorter one, just on five hours, so we had a later start. We began the day with a full breakfast of scrambled eggs and bacon in the restaurant. It was delicious, but way too much food. We could have shared a meal and still probably wouldn’t have eaten it all.

Today we continued on our drive across the Nullarbor Plain, completing the eastern, South Australian, half. Much of this section truly is a treeless plain with more of the spectacular scenery. Once again there were animal warning signs, this time with wombats added. But, unfortunately, again the only wildlife we saw were a small number of roadkill. We didn’t expect to see wombats as they are nocturnal, but were saddened to see a few dead on the roadsides.

Animal warning signs

Our first stop for the day was just 13km down the road to get our first look at the Great Australian Bight. It was a quick stop as the morning was already heating up and was a bit too warm for the doggos.

We didn’t end up stopping as planned at the Bunda Cliffs overlook a bit further down the road. The temperature outside was already 36°C and climbing and the dogs were both fast asleep. We didn’t want to disturb them for what would necessarily be a quick stop. We did head down to Head of the Bight and the whale centre there but the road into it was closed over the Christmas period.

View on the road to Ceduna

By the time we reached Ceduna the temperature was once again in the 40s. The caravan park we are staying in is on the beach. The cabin is roomy, with a secure courtyard between the cabin itself and the separate bathroom. Both the short walk over the dunes to the beach, and the courtyard would have been great if not for the heat. We did go for a walk to the lookout just as the sun was starting to set but it was still too hot to stay for the full sunset view.

Ceduna Lookout View
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