Home to Corindi Day 6 – Whyalla-Broken Hill

The wind continued to blow a gale all night last night. Jet was very restless and had trouble sleeping. She was up and down on the bed all night – which was a bit of a struggle for her with the height of the bed. We were all glad to be on our way and feel sorry for the people who had come to the park to spend their holidays at the beach.

To the north of Whyalla there’s a wind farm. There’s also one just outside Broken Hill as well as a big solar farm. These photos are of the Whyalla wind farm.

Our drive today was just over five hours of wide open spaces. The land here is nowhere near as flat as the Nullarbor, so you don’t get the views that disappear into the distance. There’s also not as much variety in the vegetation, probably because a lot of this land has been used for grazing, mostly sheep. But you do get to see the southern end of the Flinders Ranges which is pretty special after having spent the past few days travelling through very flat land.

It was another pretty quiet day on the road without many people travelling between the Eyre Peninsula/Adelaide areas and Broken Hill.

We crossed the border into New South Wales early in the afternoon then arrived at our cabin in Broken Hill at about 2pm.

The dogs are really travelling well. They are happy to jump into the car whenever we ask them to and they are in such a good routine when we arrive at our accommodation that they immediately sniff their way around and then settle down.

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