Home to Corindi Day 7 – Broken Hill-Cobar

Today we had another fairly short drive – under five hours. The dogs were great while we loaded the car. They’ve really settled into the routine. We were able to leave the cabin door open while we loaded the car. Anzac laid down to wait just inside the door and Jet watched from the doorway.

We left just after 8am and stopped at a local dog park so the doggos could have a sniff and a run before we hit the road.

The landscape changed quite a bit along the way. It was dry and scrubby and then we started to see some scrubby trees, and even some mid-sized eucalypts.

Yesterday and today we saw lots of signs warning of kangaroos on the road.  We still haven’t seen any live roos but today we saw lots of dead wallabies along the roadsides. We did, however, see a small mob of about a dozen emu (emus? What is the plural of emu?). And we were surprised to see lots of feral goats grazing along the roadsides both inside and outside the fenceline. A Google search tells us feral goats have been considered a pest and a boon for farmers in the area for years.

At one rest area along the way we stopped to let the dogs stretch and have a drink. They were having a sniff around when we put the water bowl down beside the car. Anzac walked up to the bowl, spotted the car door open and jumped straight back into the car. Jet was in soon after. Neither of them were interested in getting back out or having a drink. They don’t show much interest in drinking while we’re travelling, but drink heaps when we’re settled into our accommodation.

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