Home to Corindi Day 8 – Cobar-Tamworth

Our accommodation in Cobar was a 2 bedroom house with a fenced backyard. And a washing machine! Whoever thought it would be so good to do a load of washing? The only problem with the yard was the number of burrs/bindis. Every time the dogs went out, Anzac would bring in several. We’d have to pull them out of his paws and coat, and we’d be picking them up off the floor. But apart from that, it was a very comfortable place to stay.

Our drive today was just over six hours; our longest for several days. The scenery changed quite a bit through the day. There had obviously been recent rain, so things were much greener. There were more trees, and the soil colour changed from the dark red we’ve been driving through for the past few days. We drove through the Warrambungle Mountain Range, a series of huge jagged outcrops surrounded by hilly bush and woodland forest. The land was being used for grazing and crops, including cotton.

Once again we saw signs warning of kangaroos but didn’t see any. We also saw signs warning of koalas, but didn’t see any of those either. Our wildlife for today were a few small flocks of budgies just outside Cobar.

We’ve seen lots of silos along the way, but today we saw our only silo art at Gunnedah, commemorating Dorothea McKellar and her poem, My Country. Tonight we’re staying in a pet friendly motel in Tamworth. It is well set up for dogs, with a big fenced yard for them to play in.

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