Home to Corindi Day 9 – Tamworth-Corindi Beach

Today is New Year’s Eve and it was our final day on the road. We had a short drive, just over 4 hours through some beautiful country. The green pastures gave way to the mountains of the Great Dividing Range. Everywhere from Tamworth to the coast has had plenty of rain. There had been some flooding across roads in the previous days, but we only saw a little water on the side of the road in a couple of places.

Our journey took us through picturesque rolling hills and then down the stunning Waterfall Way where, after all the rain, the falls were flowing. We were surprised at the number of cars heading in the opposite direction to us. There was almost a constant stream.

After a quick pit stop in very busy Bellingen we headed on through Coffs Harbour. We made a quick stop to say hello to mum (and to pick up our nbn hardware that was sent to her address) then called in to Woolgoolga to pick up the key to our house.

Ten minutes later we pulled into our new driveway and introduced the doggos to their new back yard. We did our pre-occupancy inspection of the house and were very disappointed to find it filthy. Not exactly what you want at the end of 8 days driving across the country. The strong smell of cat urine on the lounge room carpet was a particularly unpleasant surprise. It’s a good thing that we plan to pull up the carpets in a couple of weeks.

I’ve never moved into a house that’s been left so filthy, but there was nothing for it other than to start cleaning. It was all made much better by the three minute walk to the beach. The dogs are in heaven. And despite the required cleaning, we love the house.

And just to note; we travelled approximately 4300km across the country and didn’t see a live kangaroo the whole way. Or a single Wedge Tailed eagle.

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